Friday, September 18, 2015

Spilling the Ink on Future Printer Strategy

PH Ink Products Group President Mehesh Rigosh met with industry analysts this week in New York to discuss PH's strategies to keep its "cash cow" ink business profitable. here is some of what Mehesh shared:

Evaporative Technologies: PH Labs is working on a new class of inks which evaporate before the cartridge is used. Since ink cartridges cannot be returned (thanks to PH's successful effort to make it a felony to return an ink cartridge to a retail store in 49 states) we believe this new approach will add significantly to PH's bottom line.

Ergonomic Factors: PH's ergonomics team has discovered that many humans prefer reading light colored lettering on a dark background. PH is modifying all of its printer drivers to set the default print mode for all ink jet and laser devices to "inverted" print mode, which prints easy to read jet black pages all the time. Consumers who prefer dark ink on white paper can follow a simple set of 400 instructions in (currently available in Hungarian and Japanese) to override the new printer settings. 

Self Service Supplies: New web based technologies allow the latest generation of PH printers to request a credit card number during installation and set-up. The devices can then "help themselves" by automatically and randomly purchasing inordinately large supplies of ink, toner and other expendables from at full retail price.

Partnerships/Joint Ventures: PH is investigating a variety of potential partnerships to extend and leverage our leadership in ink and cartridge technologies. These include potential direct investments in the pen and rubber stamp industry, as well as a review of allied technologies such as pencils.

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