Thursday, September 17, 2015

Founder's Quonset Hut Preserved

The famous Quonset hut which PH's founding fathers bought at a government surplus auction has been permanently preserved, it was disclosed this week.

Originally purchased for $3.28, the hut has been through a tumultuous life. Although little is known about its use during World War II, the very high neutrino levels in the structure make some historians feel that it may have been used in connection with the original Atomic Bomb testing in 1945. After several property sales, the hut ended up in a run down section of San Jose, where it was apparently used by street gangs.. 

The graffiti covered building was discovered by a sharp-eyed scrap dealer in 1998 and was auctioned on Ebay where it ended up being sold to a small travel agency that planned to use the hut as a shelter for planned gambling vacations in the Falkland Islands. When financing for the venture fell through, PH was able to buy the dilapidated shed back for four million dollars.

It has been sitting idle in a storage facility in Santa Clara since 1999, but now will have a permanent home. In light of its historical significance to the company, CEO Karla Fidora has allowed the fully refurbished hut to be installed in her back yard to house pesticides and gardening supplies. "Every time Raul, our game warden, sprays for roof rats and tarantulas, I can feel the vibrant spirit that began in that ugly little hut", she explained.

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