Friday, September 18, 2015

Corporate Branding Strategy Update

Several years ago, the company undertook a major re-inversion of it's well respected but crusty brand name and corporate image. To date we've spent about half a billion dollars on our Invert campaign and it has been a resounding success! This week the global survey of brand awareness, voted on by the world's top advertising agencies was released. It showed that PH has now catapulted just ahead of such well recognized brands as Hello Kitty and Juan Valdez! Unfortunately, though, we continue to lag behind every other major computer company.

Corporate Brand Management is currently considering two distinct approaches to push our brand to even greater heights:
  • Phase One:  Invert is a powerful, simple message, but amazingly we've found that some people just "don't get it".  To address this issue we intend to print a small explanation of the "invert" campaign at the bottom of every print and television ad.  In addition, to reach even more people, we are investigating a number of dynamic new media channels, including pop-up ads, milk cartons, blimps, and smoke signals.
  • Phase Two: Review the need to make major changes to the company's brand. This includes the possibility of making minute changes in our logo or color scheme with the guidance of exorbitantly priced consultants. Spearheading this radical approach is a committee consisting of  top brand management, communications and advertising experts. They will work with renowned Marin County based new age communications company Yoko Yamamoto Partners. Mr. Yamamoto is known worldwide as the inventor of the color mauve and will be leading the redesign effort personally.

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