Friday, September 18, 2015

"Employee Discounts for Everyone" Program

Following hot on the heels of the highly successful "Employee Discount for Everyone" programs at the major automakers, computing innovator PH Computer is considering the groundbreaking move of offering similar discounts in the computer industry. 

The program would offer the public the same discounts on computers and computer accessories that PH extends to its employees around the world. "It sends a great message to customers, that we value them as we value our employees", said CEO Karla Fidora. "In addition, it will cost us nothing since as every employee knows  it's more expensive to buy a computer with the employee discount than it is to go to almost any store and buy the same product".  PH estimates that if the program takes off, it will be able to effectively increase the street price of it's products by 5% to 25%. As in the employee discount program, the latest computers, mousepads, software and other products people really want won't be included in the program.

"The next step in our treat customers like employees program", continued Fidora, "is to look for ways to start borrowing from their pension and retirement programs".

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