Friday, September 18, 2015

Ink Refill Kits: Let's do something about them!

Your customers, friends and relatives may have seen ads for them on late night TV. They may have received spam mail messages making the familiar claims. They may even have tried an ink jet refill kit offering "quality printing at a fraction of the cost of genuine PH cartridges". We beg to differ:
  • ink refill kits have been linked to billions of dollars in unnecessary dry cleaning costs and in some cases to ruined clothing that cannot even be salvaged.
  • ink refill kits leach deadly ink vapors into the environment and have been associated with the depletion of the earth's ozone layer..
  • using an ink refill kit instantly voids the warrantee on your PH printer and in some cases could cause your printer to spontaneously catch fire, explode and spray you and your family with razor sharp shards of plastic and metal.
Legislative action is the only solution this dangerous, looming problem. Our Washington Public Affairs office has of course proposed HR293 which makes interstate transportation of ink refill kits a federal offense punishable by the death penalty. PH employees, retirees and customers should write to their legislators today and insure that America's future is not blotted away.

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