Friday, September 18, 2015

PH Launches New $400M Brand Awareness Campaign

PH proudly launched it's latest global brand awareness campaign last week. Over the past 12 months, a team of brand management and advertising experts exhaustively studied public and customer reaction to the PH brand. Thanks to our very successful "INVERT" campaign and our landmark merger with Quompak Computer, we managed to shift public perception of PH from a supplier of high quality, overpriced enterprise computing products to the leader in providing run of the mill, overpriced personal computers. We needed to take this perception to the next level, and after numerous market trials and focus groups, we developed a new brand identifier: "Anything is Possible". 

The new campaign will show how PH customers, such as Enron Corporation,  Amtrak and Worldcomm, are using PH technology to transform their businesses.  In addition, the campaign will highlight earth shattering new technologies with broad impact for mankind and how PH is playing a small and sometimes convoluted  role in them. For example, one television ad will show how insect watchers in Iceland are using mobile phones to track elusive Arctic Snow Cockroaches across the tundra.

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