Friday, September 18, 2015

News from Comdex

PH was the star of this year's Comdex show in Las Vegas! With a widely publicized keynote address by PH CEO Karla Fidora, and the launch of several significant new products, PH and Fidora were on the tip of everyone's tongue at this year's show.

Announcing the PH 8800 printer/burster/stacker/ binder/shredder, the first integrated "five in one" device from PH was unveiled at the show. the 8800 can print and then instantly shred over 1000 pages per minute with breathtaking full color graphics. this device is a boon to corporations around America who have to print millions of pages of SEC reporting documents, but don't want copies actually lying around for overzealous employees or federal agents to find. 

What's especially unique about this product is that it's an outgrowth of a "sharing best practices" program developed within PH's own accounting department after the company began shredding tens of millions of our own financial documents at the end of each reporting period. the PH 8800 ships immediately, with its special driver software expected to ship in late 2010. 

The amazing new Kitchen PC turns offers seamless web surfing and coffee brewing in a space saving configuration that's available in almond, black and brushed stainless steel.  Everyone in your household can have their coffee "their way" because the Kitchen PC can programmed to remember the favorite brewing instructions for up to 16 billion family members.
Additions to the company's popular lineup of consumer oriented value added printer supplies and paper were shown off to the crowds at Comdex. Among the most popular new products were the Laser Printer Bathroom Tissue Creativity Pak, Fingerprint Free Ink Jet Ransom and Holdup Notes and for kids 4-8 the "Learn-Along" Hamster Cage Liner Fun Kit with Free Stickers and "PersonalPocket (tm) Handheld Shredder".

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