Thursday, September 17, 2015

Karla Begins Employee One on One

"It's just not fair" says PH CEO Karla Fidora when critics say that she's occasionally been aloof and out of touch with average employees. To challenge the critics, Karla has set up a series of one on one meetings with engineers, marketing personnel and administrative staff. The meetings, which last up to 10 minutes began last week in the company's East Palo Alto corporate headquarters.

No handlers. No assistants. No personal image consultants. Not a black turtleneck in sight.
Just Karla, one employee, 5 bodyguards and two television crews. What is discussed at these meetings? Usually Karla greets the employee and lays down the ground rules for the one on one. She then explains the importance of this kind of communication between workers and top management. Occasionally there's time for a question from the employee. Then it's back to a normal workday for the employee and for Karla.

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