Thursday, September 17, 2015

More from the International Consumer Electronics Show

LAS VEGAS Whether it's their televisions, their soft drinks or their sports utility vehicles, Americans love to "supersize" when they go shopping. Capitalizing on the craze is PH's new family of suitcase computers. The press calls them the "hummers" of the notebook world and we can't disagree. Product Manager Bucky Barnsworth of High End PCs in Midland, TX says "there's a sweet spot, as we call it, in the PC market, successful people, mostly male, who need a laptop to travel with, but don't want to be caught dead with the tiny, lightweight, "European" looking PC's rolling off the assembly lines today."

Weighing in at a feathery four hundred and seven hundred pounds, respectively, the PH Suitcase I and II are Texas sized beauties crafted of aircraft grade aluminum. While most ordinary laptops can be used with a docking station, with their optional hydraulics kit, these machines can actually be used as a loading dock. Barnsworth says that owners will definitely attract attention at airport waiting lounges when they plug their PC into a three phase, 230V outlet and power up. "The sound the water cooling system makes is not to be confused with anything else on the market", he explains.

The Suitcase I/ II begin shipping (via rail) in 2006 and come complete with an auxiliary diesel generator, built in GPS global positioning satellite receiver, GSM phone  and deluxe carrying trailer. They can be ordered preloaded with Linux or Windows XP (shown here)

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